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Apirina Mexikano Kennel

The professional breeding nursery of a chihuahua of "Apirin Meksikano" is officially registered in RKF-FCI in 1997, the certificate No. 454/97 (a factory prefix on classification of RKF-FCI of "Apirin Meksikano"). And in the RFOS system the nursery has received the certificate No. 02107 in May, 1995. Today our nursery of a chihuahua by right is recognized as one of the oldest nurseries of Russia (USSR), 45 years (for 2017) engaged in cultivation of dogs.

The nursery stood at the origins of development of breed in our country, has passed through all difficulties of breeding cultivation, but always was obsessed with the idea of improvement of favourite breed, an otshlifovyvaniye of quality of a breeding livestock. After long years of serious, persistent and persistent work on cultivation of breed the invaluable breeding and exhibition material meeting all requirements of the highest international level has been created. It allows to conduct also further successful work on improvement of a livestock.

Cultivation of nursery "Apirina Meksikano" is based on numerous imported from from the known foreign nurseries of a livestock that is undoubted advantage. Our chihuahuas are one of the best, answering on eksteryerny qualities and win the highest titles and awards at many certification exhibitions of Russia, and it is indisputable! As the proof of these words serve victories of our dogs at the main exhibition of dogs in Russia - EURASIA on which we have high places. And the puppies who are taken out abroad become winners of prestigious international exhibitions. The contribution of producers of nursery of a chihuahua to development of breed of a chihuahua in Russia is huge, and in family trees of many of a chikhu of the Russian cultivation you will see the dogs born in nursery "Apirina Meksikano". A founder of nursery of a chihuahua is Apanasenko Irina Gennadiyevna - the professional, supporting the business razvedenets. She has graduated from law department of MSU, as a lawyer, but so happened that hobby for breed became the main and main business of all her life. She didn't think of life without the "lovely crumbs" and has given them a huge part of the time and selfless love. After Irina's death in August, 2011 her business is continued by the son Alexey.

The nursery invites to effective cooperation. We with pleasure will render you assistance for choice, to acquisition, cultivation and education of puppies. We are always glad to share the wealth of experience of work with breed. The nursery gives full assistance to the manufacturers in cultivation of breed of a chihuahua.